e-Mbizo Payment Solutions

We are an Innovative Next Generation Financial Technology (FinTech) Solutions Company that focuses on various under-serviced areas in South Africa.

We are a wholly-owned black FinTech company delivering dynamic solutions.
• We are a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) and BBB-EE Level 1 company.

We have developed strong relationships with carefully selected partners and vendors, forming a formidable network of business partners to supply fintech solutions.
We take pride in our ability to offer affordable products to our customers without compromising on quality.

Our team is convinced that realising the Digital Opportunity is an essential component of ensuring that the value created through customised fintech applications and services can be leveraged to improve the lives of our communities primarily those in disadvantaged areas.

We are passionate about creating a tangible value system for centres of learning through our customized dynamic digital platforms and financial technology applications.

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What do we offer?


Our solutions integrate into clients existing infrastructure, providing a real-time, fully digital banking platform.


The system is a registered Third-Party Payment Processor (TPPP) and Systems Operator (SO) regulated by the National Payment Systems Act (NPS), sponsored by ABSA Bank and registered at the Payment Association of South Africa (PASA) which makes it possible to provide banking services to a consumer led organization.

Services & Industry Expertise

Our team of experts have comprehensive knowledge of how banks function and operate. We consult for, advise and support organisations that require to process financial payments and transactions.


Our solutions eliminate compliance and regulatory hassles. We process clients payment flows as well as card (BankServ integration) and account management requirements so clients can focus on their core activities.
We provide Next Generation Banking solutions and services

e-Mbizo Payments Solutions is recognised in the industry for its unique concept and vision.

Our clients can rely on our banking and technology expertise that will be their strategic pillar towards technology innovation.

Our offering is fully customisable to the clients’ requirements.

Our team of experts accompany our clients at every stage of their project, from concept to deployment – ensuring all projects succeed.

Financial Reconciliations and Management Reporting

Our post-processing transaction engine fully automates all financial reconciliation and settlement workflows. We optimize the complex process of exchanging and matching up transaction data with third party systems and merchants. Our platform is able to consolidate the various formats used by different payment systems and display them in a centralized method.

The Management Engine allows us to depict a vast array of different fees of all types which are incurred when processing your payment transactions. All industry standard calculation modes are supported, from blended pricing to more complex models. In addition to detailed transaction fees the Management Engine is able to report recurring fees, weekly/monthly fixed charges and tiered pricing structures.

e-Mbizo provides clients with access to an portal which allows customised management reporting as per clients requirements.

Regulation, Compliance and Operations

In this age of technological innovation, with growing numbers of application software and mobile apps, an appreciation of the regulatory landscape is vital to ensure that e-Mbizo operates within the parameters of the law and are properly protected against the adverse consequences of non-compliance.

e-Mbizo software applications and mobile apps conforms to the following legal principles:

• Products or services offered in terms of this proposal are unique innovative concepts and protected intellectual property that are legally certified and more over compliance tested.

POPI Act Compliance

e-Mbizo is fully aligned with the POPI compliance requirements mandated by the POPI Act.

Banking Act Compliance
Our team also runs banking operations as turn-key on behalf of partner-banks including risk and compliance, customer support, marketing and customer engagement, or IT operations. Our banking platform software partner, is registered with:

• Third Party Payment Processor (TPPP)
• Payment Association of South Africa (PASA)
• Banks and Card Associations (EMV)
• National Payment System (NPS) Department of the SA Reserve Bank (SARB)-Supported on the ABSA’s Banking Licence

Fraud and Risk Management

Our software developers have dedicated significant time and abundant effort in identifying and managing fraud and in building bespoke risk monitoring systems and procedures within its merchants’ operations. The proactive measures minimise and eradicate fraudulent attacks and curb chargebacks. We understand the risks, we offer clients the peace of mind knowing that all their transactions are continually being monitored in a real-time environment.

Our software currently integrates with the National Payment System (NPS), BankServ, Payment Association of South Africa (PASA) and Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) compliant.